Biochemistry Department

About Us

The department of Biochemistry was established in the year - 2017 Biochemistry is a sparkling branch of life sciences devoted to enlighten the various molecular mechanisms by which living organisms carry out their many functions. The Department of Biochemistry is committed to investigate the complex relationship and mechanisms that control biological processes. The Department started offering undergraduate degree course in B.Sc. Biochemistry in the year 2017.

Innovative teaching is needed to improve students' thinking skills, reasoning skills and independent and team work. Classrooms and teaching time available to students are compared to discussion forums rather than one dimensional teaching. The facilities of the departmental library and computer facilities encourage students to improve their existing scientific knowledge. Students can demonstrate their skills in the real world by completing assignmetsthathighligt the value of 3D modeling and innovative projects. Our department provides a rich environment for faculty and student growth and we welcome inquiries.

Prof. M.G.Chikalkar serving as co-ordinator of department since from establishment, Mr. N.F Shaikh and Mr.S.B. Parit are two working faculties of the department.

Achievements – B.Sc.-III Biochemistry student own first prize at college level Avishkar research competition 2023-24