Physics Department

Dr. S. J. Lade

About Us

The physics department was established by the founder principal and HOD, Dr. B. S. Patil, in 1964. The first batch of B.Sc. III students began their studies in 1970. The department offers an undergraduate (U.G.) program in physics, and as of today, 179 students are presently enrolled in the B.Sc. course. To date, a total of 688 students have graduated from the department, with 221 of them progressing to postgraduate (P.G.) studies, which accounts for 32.12% of the total graduates.

Among our 688 graduates, 8 are working as senior scientists in research institutes both abroad and in India, 96 have become lecturers/assistant professors, 154 have become teachers in colleges and secondary schools, 68 have joined the government sector, 16 work in the banking sector, 72 are employed in esteemed industries, 48 are working in the corporate private sector, and 46 have become self-employed entrepreneurs. Additionally, 180 graduates have pursued careers in other fields.
Following table shows our head of departments

Sr. No Name Qualification Duration
1. Dr. B. S. Patil
Founder Principal & HOD
B.Sc. Ph.D. 1964-1965
2. Prof. S. Y. Gambhir
Eminent Writer of text book
M.Sc. 1966-1969
3. Prof. S. S. Shirodkar M.Sc. 1969-1996
4. Dr. V. B. Chougule M.Sc. Ph.D. 1996-2005
5. Dr. A. P. Kashid
M.Sc. Ph.D. 2005-2009
6. Dr. S. J. Lade
Associate Professor
M.Sc. Ph.D. 2009-

The heads of the department owe the credit for the enrichment, quantitative, and qualitative establishment that has nurtured scientists working in institutions and laboratories of national importance, as well as government officials, who are alumni of this department.

Our department contributes to the development of the college and institution in various ways. We take care of electrical fittings in the college premises and maintain several electrical instruments, including ceiling fans, table fans, UPS, inverters, incubators, centrifuges, and audio and video equipment such as LCDs, OHPs, amplifiers, and astronomical telescopes. This contribution is made possible by the dedicated efforts of both our non-teaching and teaching staff.

The department developed E-Content containing YouTube videos of duration 5655 minutes, 156 videos links- 6571 viewers. Slide share PPT links: 47/1493-viewers, PPTs: 57, PDFs: 31, with a total word count of 145,774. E-Tests/Google Tests: 47, Online Tests: 17, Google Classrooms: 09 responses-8064.

The department also makes an astronomical telescope available to students and citizens of Warananagar for observing the sky (on dry days), comets, solar eclipses, and other astronomical events. Prior intimation is necessary for using this telescope.