NCC Girls

Department profile

Unit 6 Mah Bn NCC. Kolhapur
Intake capacity 50 cadets
Moto ‘Unity and Discipline’


Maj. Dr. Mrs. S.B. Shahapure Major M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,Ph.D. 28 yrs 9420931515

NCC is one of the Non political organizations of youth. It gives paramilitary training as well as social trainings. This organization has been started all over India in 1948. This Girls NCC unit was started in our college in 1980. Our college unit is under 6 MAH Girls Bn NCC Kolhapur.

NCC training helps to develop a sense of patriotism, discipline, self confidence and self reliance. It helps to develop a quality of leadership and spirit of adventure.

It helps to make a good citizen. At present there are 50 cadets including one under officer, one SGT, three CPL, six L/CPL and rest of cadets. Girls of our college from senior college (B.A-1, B.Com-1, and B.Sc-1) enroll their names. The cadets have good personality including Height, Weight, Chest and word of command. The officer from Bn takes test and would select the cadets. The cadet goes through medical test. After all would be selected as a cadet. The course is for three years.

During the training periods cadet participate in various camps run by Bn, group and the govt viz

  1. Annual training camp
  2. Thal sainik camp
  3. Republic day camp
  4. All India trekking camp
  5. Adventure activity camp
  6. Disaster relief training course
  7. Summer camp
  8. Cultural competition selection camp
  9. SSB screening course etc.

The total training parades are 40 per annum. The parades take place on our college ground each and every Sunday at 7.30-11.30 am. The institution has provided all requirements like ground, separate NCC office, store room and separate ladies room. The ground of the college is notable. The college has provided canteen facility during the parade hours.

The weapon training is being given by P.I staff in ATC and a special firing camp that would be arranged in warananagar. Our college runs some social activities for society. They are-

  • Tree Plantation
  • Blood Donation
  • Body Donation
  • Eye Donation
  • Pulse Polio Immunization
  • Save Girl campaign
  • Raise funds-
    1. Armed Forces Flag Day fund
    2. Flood affected people
  • Cycle rally
  • Save Fuel
  • Antidrug abuse and anti tobacco

Achievements of the department: result of NCC ‘B’ & ‘C’ Cert Exam- 100%

Sr. No Name of Scholarship Name of cadet with rank year
1 Maharashtra state NCC Scholarship ‘Best Girl Cadet’ 1996 CPL Sakharpe Kalpana Anil 1997
2 Late ‘Capt. Jaysing George’ A Jadhav Memorial Prize Best Girl Cadet 2002 CDT Pandhare Anita Bapu 2002
3 Late ‘Capt. Jaysing George’ A Jadhav Memorial Prize Best Girl Cadet 2003 SGT Vhatkar Neena Sarjerao 2004
4 Late Lt. General S.P.P Thorat Prize ‘Best Girl Cadet’ SGT Patil Vaishali Sambhaji 2005
5 SAHARA SCHOLARSHIP 2007 worth Rs. 12000/- JUO Mujawar Nilopher Adam 2009
6 SAHARA SCHOLARSHIP 2009 worth Rs. 12000/- JUO Powar Sonali Vishnu 2010
7 Chief Minister Scholarship 2009 CPL Tibile Priyanka Ashok 2010
8 Cadets Welfare Society Scholarship- 2010 CDT Doiphode Vidya Pandurang 2011
9 State Government Scholarship Best Girl Cadet-2010 SGT Jadhav Jayashri Chandrakant 2011
10 Sahara Scholarship CPL Malan K. Gaikwad 2011-12
11 Sahara Scholarship CPL Dakshini Lohar 2011-12
12 Sahara Scholarhip CPL Gadkari Snehal 2012-13
13 Sahara Scholarship CDT Shinde Rohini 2012-13
14 Sahara Scholarship CDT Dalvi Supriya 2012-13
15 CDT Daingade Anusaya 2012-13
16 CDT Khot Madhuri 2012-13