We work as a special arm of Y.C.Warana Mahavidyalaya, Warananagar, providing the thorough & comprehensive coaching facilities for different competitive examinations.
We believe in offering a competitive aptitude rather than just being a scholar. High class facilities, quality teaching and individual caring are the Hallmark of the centre.
We hire the best of the faculty members available and provide quality & updated study material based on the revised syllabus. The centre is backed with the academic staff of the college. The centre is equipped with well furnished building, housing separate library, study room, class room, discussion room, conference hall & ICT facilities.
Admission at the centre is restricted to the manageable number so that each & every student gets the personal attendance of teachers.


We has regular & weekend batches available for the aspirants of various examinations.

Sr.No. Course Duration
1 Foundation Course 1 Year
2 Rajya Seva -Mains 4 Months
3 Rajya Seva –Pre (G.S.& CSAT) 3 Months
4 PSI/ASST 4 Months
5 PSI/STI/ASST. 3 Months
6 IBPS Course 4 Months
7 SSC Exam COURSE 4 Months