Mr. A. S. Patil

Department Profile

The physical infrastructure facilities available for Extracurricular and sports includes huge Shivaneri Sports Complex with all necessary kits for games like Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Hand Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball etc. There is plenty of place available for the games like Kabbadi and Kho-kho Indore as well as out of door. None the less there is a standard 400 mts. Running track having eight lanes.

To develop the physical fitness of sports person in general and overall students in particular there is a small gymnasium hall of 900 sq.ft.. This is equipped with facilities like Weight Lifting, Incline Bench, Bench Press, Abdominal Board, Tricep Developer, Curl bench etc. In addition to these there is indoor swimming tank in the college campus.

Teaching Faculty

Sr. No. Name of the teacher Designation Qualification Experience Contact Number
1. Mr. A. S. Patil Physical Director B.Com.,M.P.Ed SET 25 Yrs 9822019056
2. Dr. K. G. Jadhav Physical Director (Jr. College) M. A., M. P. Ed., DN 28 yrs

Achievements of the Department

Provides free accommodation in hostel to the sportsman and women.
Provides Nutritious food. (Milk. Eggs and bananas
are provided.) to deserving and prospective sports students. The
approximate expenditure per year is up to Rs.2500/- to 3000/-.
Tracksuits provided to students for All India sports competition as below:

Sr. No. Year No. of Sportsman Cost for each
1 2010-11 13 900
2 2011-12 13 500
3 2012-13 18 500
4 2013-14 21 1000
5 2014-15 20 1000
6 2015-16 21 1000
7 2016-17 15 1000

Pride of our College

1.Consistently Last 31 years Shivaji University R. P. Powar Malla Khambh Tropy Won by Y. C. Warana Mahavidyalaya Malla Khamb Team

2.Consistently Last 13 years Shivaji University Hand Ball Women Competition Won by Y. C. Warana Mahavidyalaya Hand Ball Women Team.

3. Consistently Last 12 years Shivaji University Hockey Women Competition Won by Y. C. Warana Mahavidyalaya Hockey Women Team.

4. Consistently Last 02 years Shivaji University Basket Ball Women Competition Won by Y. C. Warana Mahavidyalaya Basket Ball Women Team

Outstanding achievements of Gymkhana

Our college Mallakhamb Team has kept the successful flag of Department flying proudly by bagging R.P.Powar Trophy for 22 years by pocketing Victory in Shivaji University Inter Zonal Mallakhamb competition.
Women Hand Ball Team achieved Sahakar Menarche Shankarrao Mohite Patil Shivaji University Hand Ball Trophy by winning it for seven times.
Women Hockey Team won for four times of Shivaji University Women Hockey Competition.

No. of Provided Kits in the Year

2010-11 – 90
2011-12 – 79
2012-13 – 83
2013-14 – 114
2014-15 – 115.
2015-16– 120
2016-17 – 123
Prizes to winners in Inter-class tournaments.
Scholarship of Rs. 1000/- for each Sportsman at National level competition

The expenditure on it is as below:

2010-11 – Rs. – 36000/-
2011-12 – Rs. – 42000/-
2012-13 – Rs. – 45000/-
2013-14 – Rs. – 46000/-
2014-15 – Rs. – 48000/-
2015-16– Rs. – 69000/-
2016-17Rs. – 70000/-

Future Plans

1. Make over of Shivaneri Ground as Ideal Ground.
2. Efforts will be made to hunt the sportsmen and women from around the schools by organizing sports camp in vacations for
school children.

3. Promotion of More Indigenous games of Maharashtra State

4. To Develop Synthetic Track on Shivaneri Ground

Gymkhana Facility