Sociology Department

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Dr. Mrs. M. D. Gaikwad

Historical sketch of the department

Beginning of the subject sociology –B.A.I- 15th June 1965, B.A.II- 15th June 1966 and beginning of the department B.A.III- 15th June 1967.

From 2001 – B.A. I – 08 Lectures B.A. II – 08+02 ( HSRM) B.A. III – 20 Total – 38 Lectures

Name of the present faculties and their Designation

Sr. No. Name Designation
1 Dr. Meena Devidas Gaikwad Assistant Professor HOD
(From Dec.1999 – As a HOD – from 2010 on words)
2 Mr. Dinesh Vasantrao Patil Assistant Professor (From Dec. 2012)


The department of sociology come into existence on 15th june 1967 it was one of the pioneering departments of the college from the very begning the strength of the students in the department was commanding and encouraging. The eminent scholarsr. Gurunath Nadgonde and Ex- Principal Dr. Ambadas Madgulkar were the faculty member of our department. Our former HOD. Dr. Gurunath Nadgonde has written six books. He is the student of eminent social scientist Dr. Iravati Karave. At present Dr. Meena D. Gaikwad working as Head of the Department. She has honoured Ph. D. Degree by S. R. T. M. University, Nanded. She has awarded as Best Teacher Award by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Youth Foundation Solapur and University Student Association, Kolhapur. More than 150 research paper were prepared and presented in various conferences, seminars and research festival under the guidance of the faculty member Mr. Dinesh Patil and bagged number of prizes. The past students of our department working in various fields on various posts.

Result of Last Five Years of B.A. III

Year Persantage
2010-11 92.00 %
2011-12 92.00 %
2012-13 100 %
2013-14 93 %
2014-15 100 %
2015-16 100 %

Pride of the Department

  1. Mr. Sagar D. Mohite has NET – 2016, 3rd Rank in Avishkar-2014
  2. Mr. Amol N. Mahapure - SET – 2011 & NET – 2013 Chattrapati Research Scholarship-BARTI PUNE in 2015 Rajeev Gandhi Research Scholarship –UGC New Delhi.2016
  3. Miss. Nisha Bhalawane - 2nd rank in Research Paper Presentation in National Conference. August 2014, I rank in Avishkar(District level) ,III rank –(University level)
  4. Miss. Asmita B. Sadalkar - Merit Scholarship &University Rank(Eligible)-2013 (SUK)

Name of the students

Mr.Amol Nivrutti Mahapure

Completed M.A.B.Ed., B.Lib, Passed SET and NET Exams. Got Chattrapati Shahu Research Scholarship –BARTI PUNE in 2015 and Got Rajeev Gandhi Research Scholarship of UGC, New Delhi At Present Doing Ph. D.

Mr.Amar Jaysingh Sakate

Working as a Village Development Officer In Swadesh Foundation-Mumbai Raigad Branch.

Mr. Avinash Chandne

Completed M. A. He was a National Player. At Present working Central Govt’s Job- working as Sports Instructor in Defence. (Mahar Regements)

Miss Pratima P.Ranganekar

Completed M. A. and MS-CIT, At Present woking in Global Infrastructure, Kolhapur.

Mr.Sachin Shamrao Mane

Completed B. A. After finishing completed the training organized by Warana Bazar, and At present working job in Warana Bazar.

Mr.Kaigade Rohan Babaso

Completed M. A. At present working Job in Shree Warana Sugar Factory.

Mr,Satish Kamble Shamrao

Working Job in Warana Bazar.

Mr.Abhijit Sambhaji Bugale

Completed B. A.Working job in GRAMEEN Financial Service Kendra Manager-Annual package 102000/-

Mr.Vaibhav Bajirao Pawar

Completed B. A. DMC Working as a Technician in Preetam Enterprises, Kushire.

Miss.Sharaddha Anil Doijad

Completed M. A., B. Ed., Working as a Teacher,Talsande.

Mr.Amol Ramchandra Salaskar

Completed B. A. DCE,Working as a Lecturer-Shirala.

Miss. Varsha S. Patil

Completed M. A., B. Ed., MS-CIT. She has completed workshop on “Skill Development" Organized by MITCONS. At present she run confection.

Mr.Prashant Uttam Wahule

Completed B. A. with distinction and appeared for M. A.

Mr.Digvijay Vilas Patil

Completed B. A. At present he is working as a developed farmer and involved in local

Mr.Bhople Gajanan Kiran

Completed B.A. At present Business Golden Jewelry.

Mr. Yangare Shivaji Laxman

Completed M. A. Study of Competitive exam is ongoing, Doing job in Circle office.

Miss. Jyoti Sarjerao Gaikwad

Completed B. A., B. C. A. –Doing Private Job.

Miss. Nisha Bhalwane

Completed B. A. with distinction and appeared for M. A.