English Department

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Mrs. S. P. Kulkarni

History of Department

The Department of English started in Shree Warana Mahavidyalaya since 15th June, 1964 and passed out the first Graduate Batch from it in April, 1967. English Department began in keeping contemporary view to develop the rural students with professional skills as well perspective and to meet them with the challenges in Higher Education and society. It has done it successfully. Till date English department has sent out many batches among whom many students have become Professors, Advocates, Teachers, Authors, Thinkers, Officers, Social workers, and so on. Recently, the department has completed International Project on Translation under International Cross Cultural Exchange between Russia – India and has published it also. The department as well faculty is on the Internet for the academic exchange of thoughts in Higher Education.

Salient Features

Highly qualified & experienced faculty
Faculty contribution at International, National,
State, University , Village, Sanstha & Individual level
Faculty on Academic & Non-Academic Bodies at International, National & University level
Faculty Publication at International & National level
Faculty as writer, editor, convener for syllabus of Shivaji University
Research Guidance for M.Phil & Ph.D students
Use of Information & Communication Technology
Innovative Ideas in Teaching- Learning Process
Exemplary Results

Department Activities

Organization of Seminars, Workshops, Group Discussions on various subjects for Students
Extra Lectures, Tests, Trips for students
Sharing of academic subjects & syllabus oriented activities
Application of new techniques & methods in class
Guidance & Counseling
Motivating Thoughts for students

Glance at all faculties in Department

Sr Faculty Name Year
1 Shri M D Nikam 1964-65
2 S M Jadhav 1964-65
3 S L Bhole 1964-65
4 S N Ghotskar 1965-67
5 S A Joshi (HOD) 1966-67
6 S M Ghate 1967-71
7 R K Deshpande 1967-70
8 V V Badve (HOD) 1967-71
9 G V Kulkarni 1971-72
10 V D Pansare (HOD) 1971-74
11 M B Nivargi 1972-73
12 S A Chougule 1972-76
13 A B Sapre 1972-76
14 Dr B G Joshi (HOD) 1975-91
15 P M Mathew 1991-92
16 T T John 1976-79
17 K K Salati 1977-84
18 Miss V A Niyogi 1984-85
19 S R Jadhav (HOD) 1978-97
20 J S Vatkar (HOD) 1986-2004
21 Dr B M Ladgaonkar (HOD) 1991——

Teaching Faculty

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation Qualifications Experience Contact Number
1. Mrs. S. P. Kulkarni Asso. Prof. M.A., M. Phil. 30 yrs 9028731656
2. Mrs. P. S. Ahuja Assi. Prof. M. A. 18 yrs 7385197895
3. Dr. D. D. Satpute Assi Prof. M. A. Ph. D. 26yrs 9011421891

Faculty Achievements

Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.) (International Honrs) (Dr B M Ladgaonkar)
Honoured Diploma by Russia (Dr B M Ladgaonkar)
Papers on Regional subjects at International Level-USA & Russia(Dr B M Ladgaonkar)
Faculty Appreciation by International & National Bodies
Faculty Participation in NAAC Conference
State Level Testimonial to Faculty (Dr B M Ladgaonkar)
International/ National Publications against Faculty names
Project Under Cross- Cultural Exchange between Russia & India (Dr B M Ladgaonkar)
Faculty Participation in International & National Seminar, Conference, Workshop

Meritorious Students

Miss Trupti Kanade Shivaji University Merit Scholarship
Miss Kambale Aamrapali Gautam Shivaji University Merit Scholarship
Mr Gurav Tushar Namdeo Shivaji University Merit Scholarship
Miss Shahapure Pratibha Shasikant Shivaji University Merit Scholarship
Miss Khot Sandyarani Appasaheb Shivaji University Merit Scholarship

Future Plan

Collaboration with Foreign Institutes
Language Laboratory
English Spoken Course
Remedial Teaching
Actuating Students for Creative Writing

Career Oriented Courses run by Department

Art of Translation
Fashion Designing